Your supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software and hardware shoulders some big responsibilities, from controlling processes, maintaining efficiency, gathering and distributing data, and mitigating downtime. So no time is a good time to find out your SCADA is outdated.

Upgrading your SCADA is a huge undertaking. No matter your industry, there is the cost, the time commitment, training, stakeholder agreement, and of course the ability to continue to operate during the upgrade to think about. But focus on the benefits of a new SCADA upgrade:

  • quicker response time to abnormalities
  • easier integration of modern technologies
  • better compliance management
  • improved security
  • increased long-term viability.

All of this means increased efficiency and improved ROI. So, knowing as fast as technology advances that it’s inevitable, when is the right time for an upgrade?

With the expense and commitment involved in an upgrade, it’s a decision that shouldn’t be made off the cuff, but it’s one that shouldn’t be delayed if certain situations in your existing SCADA exist. Here are some signs that it’s time for an upgrade.  

Western States Upgrade SCADA System

Unsupported Systems

If your SCADA is outdated, and no longer being supported by the manufacturer, you’ll have a more difficult time getting replacement parts and no longer get the necessary security patches or systems upgrades you need, which can leave your operations vulnerable to longer downtime during equipment failures and cyberattacks.  

Obsolete Features

Outdated SCADA systems have obsolete features with distracting that may just be getting in the way, while new systems offer a higher level of functionality including modern, clean, intuitive graphics that offer more contextual information to the operator.  

Outdated Security

If you are using outdated and unsupported SCADA, you are more defenseless to cyber security attacks and physical vulnerabilities because your system doesn’t support newer security capabilities including encryption and two-step authentication.     

Usability Challenges

Anytime operators have to go on the floor, safety is always a concern. Older SCADA systems don’t provide mobile support, which allows operators to access system information from their tablets or smartphones and safely stay ahead of any operational abnormalities.  

Western States Upgrade SCADA System

Think you might be ready for a SCADA upgrade?

Our team of expert control system engineers can help you assess the capabilities of your existing SCADA system against your current and future operational goals, and if it’s the right time for an upgrade. To learn more about SCADA Systems and our other services, please contact us here or call 925-371-9871.